Real Estate Banking is Currently the Only Way To Invest Wisely In Nigeria

With all the discrepancies that abound about making money online or offline, time evidence and trajectory has shown that there is only one way to create lasting wealth. 

Whatever you decide to buy today will only end up depreciating in value as the years go buy. In fact and reality, whatever you decide to buy today being the 18th of March, 2022 can never be resold at the same price that you bought it. Even if you are selling the said asset the very next day being the 19th of March, 2022, there will definitely be a massive reduction in the value of that asset as long as it is not a landed property.

Real Estates is currently the only wise investment you can bank on to create lasting wealth with peace of mind. 

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Even if you are Super rich, you need a consistent inflow of cash to remain relevant in the scheme of things and buying up real estate to resell at a higher rate in the future is a capital secure and profit soaring business proposition.

The kind of country that we are in now is one where capital in the bank is off no use to anyone, you know why?

1. If it does not get hit by inflation,

2. Stamp duties and alarming bank charges will deal with it.

3. And you succeed in escaping the two devourers above, your personal expense won't help.

Do you know that as we speak, a land worth N25,000,000 somewhere in Lagos about 10 years ago is probably worth about  N3,000,000,000 currently?

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I know you don't, the reason we are speaking all these grammar is so you can be better informed and currently, we have the following real estate investment deals we think you should speedily take advantage of; 

1. Emerald Lakeview by Boulevard


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2. Praise Gardens (Ode-Omi Annex)

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3.  Haven Peninsula Estate (Abijo G.R.A)


You can get further details or make further inquiries from; 

Realtor Kessy Promise


She is also popularly known in the real estate sector as Firstly Queen.

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