How to Sell Real Estates "Faster" using Partnerships


It is only in Nigeria that people with a common goal tend to do stuff differently and independently, it may seem like the right thing to do from a personal perspective but, biblically, it is not, partnerships is what works, partnerships sells products faster and with real estates in the picture, partnerships will sell out more properties faster than what we think we are doing here. 

Big companies who partner with real estate agents are killing it and so we need to find a way to ensure that we put our differences away, bring our strengths to the fore like one big wedge and make the kind of impact that will cause the same effect that an earthquake can do.


  1. I can imagine at least 10 real estate agents coming together to build a profitable real estate website to list their personal properties and make room for visitors to do same via membership.
  2.  I can imagine properties hitting the said website/portal like there is no tomorrow and Google sitting on top to deliver your pages to searchers because it is a concentrated niche (REAL ESTATES).
  3.  I can see this partnership brand selling faster than what we currently do by way of trying to sell a property.

I am just blabbing, I may just be wrong anyway, I know nothing.

This is just a thought from a wannabe real estate agent.

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